The ancient slumberers (Necrons)

I had planned to get the new Necron book for the sake of reading about the new fluff and units, but had never actually planned on getting any models as the army had never really appealed to me before. Funny how fate always intervenes to tempt me off the righteous path. (anyone who can see the tabs to the right can see this is not the first time) A conversation with my nephew who was after my old lizard tank (R.I.P Flick) led me to discover that he had a small necron army secreted away from years gone by. After giving it brief consideration I decided to go for it and trade the tank setup for the crons.

I won’t pick them up til Xmas, but in the meantime I wanted to mess about with some paint schemes etc and thus picked up a catacomb barge and some second hand crons from my FLGS. I wanted the scheme to be bright and bold and thus put some old metallic sprays from a DIY project to good use - chrome for the rank and file, gold for the nobility. I decided to use turquoise to mark out the dynasty and picked up some resin bases from the excellent evil mushroom games (google them – highly recommended!) to go with them. The results are below:

My main problem now is deciding on a scheme for the gauss weapons. The four possibilities are below and I would really appreciate some comments about them i.e what people prefer.
The first one is just a blue colour scheme which I initially liked but then decided wasn’t very necron-like.

This one is just the main scheme with the regular rods in place – I’m not sure whether or not to change the main gun housing colour (black?) also.

This is a mock up of the flayer style seen in the new ghost ark kit – I had planned to either acquire some spare ghost ark flayer off ebay or GS cast some in order to make things more uniform in the army.

Lastly, a simple coloured piece of wire in order to represent the flayers as they are in the Dawn of War PC game, a simple stream of energy that dissipates when the warrior is deactivated.