Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Blog wars 1.5 playtest

As some of you will know, Alex (From the Fang/Kabalite) arranged a mini-tournament for himself, Matt, Dave and I last weekend down at Maelstrom. When I learned two of the three other armies were power armour (SWs/BAs) I was only too keen to get the my Eldar out of retirement (still on a power armour hiatus for the moment) and put together a list, which was as follows:

My first game was against Matt and his new Necrons, which I lost to badly. The combination of the C’tan power making all difficult terrain dangerous closed my army down and in conjunction with two of the quake staffs inflicted many casualties upon my troops just for trying to move into range to be useful. Suffice to say that by the time I was in range to do any damage my army was already below half strength and there could be only one outcome. Sadly for Matt he won on a bit of a low through bad the misfortune of performing a sweeping attack with his named Lord’s barge (Anrakyr?), only for him to roll a 1 on dangerous terrain and give away 4 kill points.

Fresh from that game, I took on newcomer Dave and his Blood Angel JP list. Not disillusioned by my initial defeat, I went on to claim 8 tournament points from Dave with the Eldar performing superbly. Dave was let down by some unlucky dice, especially on his honour guard squad, but hopefully took it as a learning experience for the main event in a few weeks time. To me it demonstrated that while the Eldar list suffers against mechanised/ranged armies, it is more than capable of cleaning up against other foot lists, which my friend Dan found out when we played a similar list Vs his Tyranids last month.

Lastly I played Alex and, though it wasn’t so much of a whitewash as my first game, I ultimately couldn’t stand up to his wolf list. For the record though, his wolf lord made an inordinate amount of 3++ saves on his last wound and his Grey hunter squad made in the region of 40 3+ saves over 3 turns of combat, only failing one. To say I was frustrated is a vast understatement, but to his credit he did give us a great day out and drive us to Maelstrom and back despite suffering some foul virus.

So big thanks to Alex, Matt and Dave and hope everyone enjoys BW2 – if not for exams I would be there too.

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