Sunday, 30 September 2012

Chaos models progress - cultists/black legion/hellbrute/plaguebearers

Hi folks,

Been working on Chaos where possible this past two weeks and so far I'm pretty pleased with how its going. As per usual I find it next to impossible to actually finish a model so thus far most of the models are somewhere between 50-95% finished. Pics below:

Black legion - Lord Terranix and some of his cronies

Big stuff - hellbrute and a 2nd hand daemon prince.

Cultists - Word bearer cultists who all have a hint of red on them somewhere. Rogue guard are based on Commissar Bob's IG scheme seen here. Have assembled one batch and have just started converting the others to be all unique. Very early stage but you get the idea. 

Plaguebearers - the latest addition to the forces in the form of allies - great kit that's loads of fun to assemble and thus far to paint.


  1. The rashy cheeks on the one nurgling are priceless.

    Nice work so far on the converted butcher - that axe and apron go well together!

  2. Ha ha, cheers. The lil nurglings are one of the highlights of the set. Just need a left hand to hold the axe and think he'll be a great model. Cheers.