Friday, 11 January 2013

Kranon gets a revamp - introducing Kranon Blackheart!

Hi folks,

It's been a while and I apologise for the neglect of Codex Imperialis after such a positive last quarter. Good news is that my exams went well and dog is on the mend. Hopefully a new and better year. 
Down to business. Since the disappointment of no generic Daemon weapons or named Daemon swords in the armoury, I found myself running a 'counts as' Daemon axe (of blind fury) on my Chaos Lord. I always try to play WYSIWIG and found it frustrating that my plasma pistol was rolling a lot of 2's (-1BS due to axe). I therefore magnetised the plasma pistol to be a more generic clawed hand from the cultist champion.

Then I read Hurons entry and realised why so many people raved about him. One rummage through the bits box (leftover chosen weapons) and a spare Kranon later and I made this chappy. Kranon in his evening wear. Looking forward to trying him out next game and will get the added advantage of getting my plasma havocs closed to the action sooner with infiltrate. 


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