Saturday, 2 March 2013

Changing the ways - Tzeentch model conversion and magnetising fun

Hey folks, 

Thanks to a painting competition win last weekend in a tournament, I got ahold of one of the new Tzeentch chariots as a prize. Being a huge fan of magnetising (though this pushed even my patience and skill) I decided to make it so that you could not only build a flame chariot, but also a herald on foot/disk/chariot, plus some blue horror markers, plus the ability to use the chariot screamers as actual screamers and more.

Herald chariot build
Flamer chariot build

Screamers, with midsections that attach to chariot and spare full tails from screamer box if you want to run them as screamers in a unit.

Magnet position on the disks, note I used all the embelishements on the larger disk rim
Spare herald head greenstuffed onto irridescent horror body - shame to waste a good sculpt.

Blue horrors on bases to use as BH counters.
Herald with bird head magnetised to base.

Herald magnetised to small disk

Position of magnets
Finally, I couldn't resist using spare screamer, horror and chariot parts to embelish an otherwise fairly generic secondhand daemon prince. I used the moonhead from the herald as it scaled the best with the larger model. Various horror arms (and even a head) were added to the body to represent the flux of change. I added the warpflame and a couple of decorative parts from the herald, plus some spare tendrils from the screamers. Really pleased with him and hope to make him a bit more 2-tone and interesting once painted. 


  1. Wow you turned that around quickly! Can't guess what you did all day!

  2. Ha, actually managed to fit that around work this morning and a host of other house chores and uni bits. The assembly was fairly quick, just the bloody magnets that took about an hour to get right. Won't have any fingerprints for a week from the amount of superglue that went awry!