Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tau army assembly/spray finished and character conversions

Hi folks,

Been a busy few weeks all round but to be honest. I should have finished this little lot a bit sooner, had the weather not conspired against my spray painting. If it wasn't rain it was wind, neither of which go well will outdoor spraying.

I'll keep the chat brief and let the pics do the talking. Initially, I wanted to spray the whole lot army painter desert yellow and be done with it. When I compared desert yellow to tau light ochre, however, the ochre won out. Not a complete waste of spray though as until they get a coat of ochre at least they're not all black and it also means only one or two coats of ochre rather than building up 4 coats from black.

The special characters are a pair of fireblades, darkstrider and longstrike BTW.

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