Friday, 28 June 2013

Magnetising wratihblades and updating old metal wraithguard

Hi chaps,

I bought a box of wraithblades last weekend and used them as the basis for a general round of wraith upgrades. I had 3 main objectives:

1. updating my 10 old metal wraithguard to be on 40mm bases
2. magnetising half the 10 metal wraithguard to carry either d-scythes or wraithcannons
3. magnetising the 5 new wraithblades for both CC loadouts. 
Firstly, I took the old wraithguard off their bases. They were all basecoated so I decided I would need to paint the bases fully before sticking them on. I had 10 40mm bases spare from putting terminators on scenic bases so this was fine. I made the bases in the same style as all my eldar ones. This involves a thin layer of greenstuff which is flattened and smoothed using water and a flat smooth surface to press it against. In this case I use my painting desk which is glass. Once that is done, I take a craft knife and score geometric shapes into the base, which give it a craftworld floor appearance. Occasionally I will cut a larger furrow out of the base for variety. I then paint a celestra grey base, eshin grey in the recesses, another layer of celestra grey and finally highlight around the edges with 50:50 celestra grey and whitescar.

For the old wraithguard conversion, I decided the best way to do things was simply to chop the ends off of the old wraithcannons and do the same with the new parts, using 3mmx0.5m disc magnets to connect the two. Simple and effective. 

For the wraithblades, I asssembled the figure with the right arm attached. I then magnetised both right weapons at the wrist, placing one 2x1.5 rod magnet deep into the forearm and the others on the hands (to mimic the ribbed armour cut off). This was done so 1/3 of the magnet was inside the hand, 1/3 exposed , which had the small stub of ribbed armour cut off. and the other 1/3 plugs into the forearm attaching to the deep magnet (more stability)The left arms were both assembled and magnetised at the left shoulder, again burying the magnet deep into the shoulder so the arm-mounted magnet would plug in.

A size comparison of old and new can be seen below.There is an appreciable difference between the two, but as only my wraithblades are the new kind I put this down to the blades being a heavier, more combat orientated chassis.

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