Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dark Mechanicus and Daemon engine scratchbuilding

Greetings folks,

Thought I would update with a few pictures of what has been occupying my hobby time recently. The aforementioned daemon engine project is underway, the idea being to have God-specific daemon engines to support the rest of my chaos army. Now a lot of these guys are scratchbuilds in the early stages and so bear with me. Several of them are on hold awaiting some cheap parts from China also and so won't be ready to spray anytime soon. First up are the Khorne Daemon engines:

Brass scorpion:
Just awaiting a second coat of spray when it stops raining here, this chap was mostly built from a defiler.

Inspired by the Lord of skulls (who is more of a hybrid deathdealer/lord of battles) I decided to build a deathdealer counting as a defiler, so no transport capcity but the chap on the front can fight as a walker. The base is a 99p tank which is about the same length as a landraider I've sculpted a skull and horns onto the sides in a homage to the original and added some armour plates. I then used the lid off a resin bits tub to mount the turret on (handily 8-sided, very chaos) and used the spare torso from the defiler as the turret part (plus some more clay). To spruce up the rear I added some styrene exhaust pipes and a ram. For the front I added an old blood slaughterer model with chaos titan arms and the (very phallic) heldrake hades autocannon. He is therefore represented as a defiler with standard armament + power scourge. I need to add more details to him but I'm reasonably happy with how he turned out. Blood slaughterer is pretty small but aside from adding say a dreadnought torso there wasn't much else to use.

Cannon of Khorne:
Now this one is a bit random as it's essentially a sweet jar! It's supposed to be a counts as daemonically possessed vindicator and only has the chassis built so far. I'm hoping to sculpt some khorne details on but the real issue is the wheels - i need to find 6 (or 3 half) wheels for it before I can take it any further really.

Tzeentch Doomwing:
This has potential to be really cool when finished and is just waiting for some ribbed tubing to arrive for the piping that runs around the body before I can take it any further. I made some paper templates for the wings and then used them to make plasticard copies. Each wing is 7 tiers and gives the impression of 3 dimensions in the same way the original did. The body is a glade aerosol holder and the two bulges to the side are a roll on deodorant lid. I used a bit of embedded plastic sprue and modelling clay to make the basis of the bird-skull head, which I will sculpt when the ribbed tubing can be embedded in it. Overall very pleased and can't wait to finish it.

Dark Mechanicus:
Finally, some bizarre conversions I've been building from spare parts and materials to be counts as chaos marines and cultists.

I also took the plunge and bought a dodgy chinese knock-off decimator of the internet so (assuming it arrives) we'll see how that turns out. Ciao for now.

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