Thursday, 26 December 2013

The hive fleet approaches..................

Wow, been a long time since my last post. Space Marines, exams etc have taken me away from all things xenos of late. I should post a proper gallery of my Eldar here sometime in the new year. Speaking of which, my good friend 'old two eyes' has an amazing Nurgle army which I hope to post here soon also. We've has some great battles of late, one of which I will post a brief report of here with photos.

In the meantime, the hive fleet approaches. Time and money constraints mean this will be a case of buy the codex and one model rather than grab one of everything. I love the look of the harpy and thus it shall be that one model. Prior to release I am trying to get my modest swarm up to scratch. Basecoats should be done on all of them by the time release day comes and so I'll be able to get straight on and play with the new rules. Further down the line I'd love one of the swarm boxed sets to really flesh out the army but for now what I have will suffice. Here's the progress sofar:


and still to be painted

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