Monday, 3 February 2014

Guest army showcase - Old two eyes' Nurgle Daemon army

This is a first and one I have been meaning to do since the end of last year. My good buddy Old two eyes set to task on his ever expanding daemon army about a year ago while taking a break from his immense Tyranid swarm. One thing to note about Old two eyes is that he rarely fields anything that hasn't passed his seal of approval and this army was no exception. I was fortunate enough to see it grow from inception to the 2500 point army it now is, and have been privileged enough to play against it several times. The army is as follows:

Great Unclean one
4 Heralds (one on Palanquin)
4 plaguebearer squads
4 beasts of Nurgle
6 plague drones
2 Daemon princes with wings (counts as blight drones)
1 soulgrinder

This is the first stage of what is to ultimately be a 10,000 point daemon army supported by chaos space marines - the plague marines are approaching completion as we speak. I must add our battle report soon as I've been meaning to for ages. In the meantime please enjoy the pictures and feel free to post any comments/questions for myself or Old two eyes to answer. Thanks.


  1. Visiting from FtF.
    Wow. Nicely done, mate. Nurgle armies can so often be cartoony, but these have a fantastic grisly realism to them. Just great.

  2. This is fantastic. One of the best and most inspiring armies I've seen in a long time. Congratulations!