Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Latest paint jobs finished - sergeant centurius, sister superior and eisenhorn 2

Hi folks,

A few random models that have been sitting on my shelf for a bit have finally been fully painted. The first is a sergeant centurius model that old two eyes was kind enough to trade with me, I went for every green glow and misty base and gave him a skull dark angels backpack. The second model is a sister superior model which I wanted to test a paint job on. Ultimately I'd love a sisters army but am more than content to wait for the inevitable plastic release and full on codex. The paint scheme I chose was the order of the sacred rose, mostly as their symbol bears a striking resemblance to he white rose emblem of Yorkshire. Lastly comes eisenhorn 2, as the first eisenhorn I painted was for matt. Mostly the same paint job and a slightly sterner and older looking face. Current projects are getting my Tyranids, Whitescar Sicaran and Imperial Knight tabletop worthy with their paintjobs and continuing to get my Luna Wolves assembled and basecoated. Cheers.

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