Monday, 24 March 2014

Tyranid army painted

Hi folks,

A bit overdue for various reasons but end of last week I finally achieved my tyranid painting goal. As this is one of the armies that is a permanent resident on my display shelves above the painting desk, I'm really please to have a wall of painted figures to look at now rather than a mismash of painted, undercoated and bare plastic models.

Now, they're not finished by a long shot but they are at least 3 colour minimum now and so from a distance look pretty decent and cohesive. I need to sort the gargoyles wings and colour some of the terrain on the space hulk genestealers but other than that things are mostly solid. The only other thing that needs adding is 5 more gaunts to yield the mandatory 30 for a troop choice tervigon.

As far as tyranid armies go this one is pretty humble. My hope is to add more detail to it in odd moments before ultimately expanding the army in 2 years or so. Plan for that would be another harpy/crone, a carnifex brood, an exocrine, second tervigon and a brood box set, as well as bringing all the mid size broods up to groups of 3. This is no small undertaking and would be almost doubling the size of the army overnight and thus shall remain on the back burner for as long as other projects dominate and money is scarce. I'm very pleased with how all the armies are finally coming together and anticipate 2014 will be a great year for everything to come together with 2015 being the icing on the cake with all the armies out there up to date and more exciting releases to come. Cheers.

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