Sunday, 13 April 2014

Imperial guard release aftermath

Well folks it appears that we are at the end of the imp..  I mean Astra militarum release month. Looking back at my previous post I see that most guesses were pretty much on the money. By that point we already knew about the tempestus release, hydra and ogryns/bullgryns though.

As anticipated the special characters without models and the older ones such as chenkov are no more.   The penal legion are gone as predicted, although rough riders did manage to hang on in there despite the lack of current models. The other artillery have, as predicted, been relegated back to the forgeworld books, which as they are now accepted as 40k lore shouldn't pose a problem, the hydra dual kit was in a way a bit of a surprise as it introduced a new vehicle rather than rehashing an existing one retrospectively, a 4 barrelled alt build shouldn't have been hard to predict though, and so now we can welcome the wyvern to the ranks. The obligatory clam pack and boxed deals have also appeared, with the armoured fist granting a good value set to gamers.

So how have guard fared? I'd say pretty well. They now have a codex with everything (rough riders excepted) represented in the gw range as one would expect from the new release policy. Orders got bolstered, 4 new vehicles and 2 new unit types (plus some new wargear) got added. The FOC got altered somewhat with regard to scions, specialists and the tank commander allowing russes as hq. Plus a few needed points shifts making the guard AA more pricey and tanks a bit cheaper have rebalanced the army somewhat.

In conclusion a good release I think. More of what we have been expecting of late with the odd new unit thrown in, some units given new sculpts and alt builds and most things remaining pretty much the same with some tweaking. This is for certain the formula we shall see with the last of the codices (should all be updated by end of next year) with orks getting the lions share of models upon release. I strongly suspect the other 5 books will be more humble releases as their ranges are mostly complete in plastic as is. This leaves plastic production space for a complete plastic sisters range and for older finecast  kits (chaos marines, greater daemons, aspects warriors, tyranids etc) to get updated between releases. Fun times ahead over the next 18 months, but the question remains when all is said and done  what will be next?

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