Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ork Waaagh assembled and a Morkanaut scratchbuild

My word it's been a long time since I've posted here. The other blog got the lions share of the attention and I've been away for almost a month. Orks hit just after I went away and so I knew I'd be coming back to a full force release. Well, yes, kind of. A fair few kits spread over a fair few weeks and a new format for codexes (on the inside anyway). I'll talk a bit more about these things on my other blog in a few days but for now let's talk about Orks.

I didn't partcularly care for my Ork army if I'm honest. Half of it is leftover from my earlier hobby days (2nd ed) before I got back into 40k and the other half is made up of a couple of battleforces, a couple of black reach sets and the odd release subsequently. Not being able to decide on a particular clan, I went for a mixture representing a warband formed from all different clans. Sadly, this left me with a very fragmented army, not knowing which models were in which clan and with some models in need of updating badly with conversion work due to the age gap. If I'm honest I had kind of given up interest in it for these reasons. So, I decreed that on my return from holiday I would make a spreadsheet, sort out some lists and get hobbying, and over the course of a weekend I did exactly that!

Before I go any further you may have noticed from the title that I went a step further than sorting out the army and started scratchbuilding a Deathskulls Morkanaut from a host of spare parts. The body is just about finished and I hope to add limbs soon. Very pleased with it as it looks distinct from the GW one. The ramp is also quite cool as with the spiked girders either side and effigy above, when it opens it looks like a tusked mouth - WAAAGH! After the pics I'll go on to talk about the individual army factions.

GOFFS - basically a large ardboyz mob accompanied by a warboss and his nobs in a battlewagon. Note the Mk2 dread and the custom waaagh banner.

BAD MOONZ - almost exclusively 2nd ed models, the shoota boyz mob were adapted from old metals and had new arms added. It makes them look a bit ape-ish but then they are Orks! Metal meganobz, a couple of weirdboyz counting as a ML2 psyker, some burnas (who need a Gorkanut to ride in). The ancient dread looks a bit small and stumpy (the same size as a killa kan) but I still love it. The Battlewagon has survived the years in immaculate condition and now has some missile launchers and a Zzap gun to bring it into the 21st century.

BLOOD AXES - more 2nd ed love, these guys are basically loads of the 2nd ed goffs and grots, which all look fairly well regimented and equipped which actually suits blood axes pretty well. They've also got themselves a nice shiny plane to fly around in. Custom big mek with KFF plus some old/new mixed Kommandos and Stormboyz are also included - note the old pulsa rokkit on the nob. Oh, and Kans.

Also, I was an idiot and photographed the Snakebite Nob and Runtherdz with the Blood axes; here are the actual ones:

DEATHSKULLS - these chappies have the Morkanaut, some Lootas n burnas, a looted wagon, some scratchbuilt tankbustas and an original Shokk attack gun which again I tried to update a bit. 

EVIL SUNZ - basically all the fast vehicles fall under these guys. The Trukks haven't any riders yet but I'd like to get some shoota boyz for them. One Trukk is extensively modified as I don't like any two Ork vehicles to look the same. Likewise, both the warbuggy and classic trukk have been converted into rokkit buggies. Two deffkoptas have been modifed to carry a bigbom and buzzsaw, while all the bikers have been made to look as unique as possible despite only 1/4 of the being the newer kit. Lil Bil takes pride of place as he is an original 2nd ed biker and about half the size of the current models!

SNAKEBITES - A boys mob, Grot mob, converted AoBR Warboss and some big guns make up these chaps. Most of the boyz have topknots and all of the kannons are unique.

RENEGADES - so my stompa is called Da Barun and he is commanded by a rogue badmek and the other renegades are 5 Gitz who were originally going to be bad moonz but will now be freebooters. THey're not finished as I'd like to get a box of the new gitz first to mix and match.

So, where to go from here? I intend on getting some stormclaw stuff and so will bolster the Orks from that - more Kans for the Blood axes, some Snakebite nobs and grots plus a Warboss to lead the Blood Axes. I'd like to grab some of the new kits before the end of the year - a Gorkanaut for the Bad Moons, 3 meganobs to make some characters from and, of course, some flash gits to finally finish that unit. (which I'd love to convert a Dark Eldar raider to fly around in, Yargh) Oh, and those Evil sunz Boyz. That already is quite the list but would round the army out nicely I think. In the meantime that's one more assembly project down and one shedload of Orks to paint! Cheers.

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