Monday, 9 March 2015

Tyranid army expansion including Tyranid Prime conversion

The main reason for this small update to my nids was that I effectively got a load of the models for next to nothing with Deathstorm. This worked out pretty well TBH as I needed a Broodlord and wanted to add in more Carnifexes to my brood of one. I also added a second warrior unit more tooled up for close combat than my deathspitter squad. As a token gesture I added a small box of termagants to make my squad up from 25 to 30. Last but not least comes a Tyranid Prime conversion.

I originally used an old hive guard model to represent the Prime, although it looks totally out of place. With all the spare parts included in the warrior kits, I decided to try and kitbash a bigger, badder Prime. After messing around with loadouts I finally settled on a rounded 150pts for lash whip and bonesword with a deathspitter, which also made the model look pretty nifty too. I used the old Hive Guard model and removed the arms. After painstakingly sawing off the head I added the Prime head from the warrior kit and using greenstuff I added the Prime Shoulder pads. As the left deathspitter arm wouldn't stretch I used a rending claw and filled the hole in the deathspitter. I chopped off the spore chimneys and used greenstuff to attach them to the carapace. Lastly, I underwired the stumpy tail and formed a new greenstuff tail which I attached the pincer to. He stands about a head taller than a regular warrior and I'm really pleased how he turned out.

My grand plan for nids is to do small wave expansions which I won't progress onto until the army is up to speed and basecoated to tabletop standard which, until this update they all were. Long term I reckon 4 small waves with a couple of boxes each should complete the army. It'll be a couple of years but worth it. Cheers.


  1. Primer is looking wicked cool. I almost wish his head was a bit bigger though, I think it's just the perspective in the photos!

    1. Hi Greg, no you're right, compared to other nids his head does stand taller a it's not recessed into the carapace. I did think about extending the carapace higher but ultimately left it as is. Viewed from above it's less obvious though.