Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Guest spot army showcase: Nurgle marine army by 'Old Two Eyes'

It's been a while since Dan (AKA old two eyes) last posted some of his work here and so I am thrilled to be able to once again show off his disturbing talent for all things Nurgley. His previous work can be found HERE. I'll hand over to Dan now to explain a bit more about his latest brainchild. Cheers.

'Since my last chance to post here I've been busy with plenty of plague marines- my first experience building or playing with any kind of space marines- lots of fun. They look great alongside my nurgle daemons and are the start of a project to have armies of both daemons and c:sm for all of the four chaos gods.
First of my Lord of Nurgle, a stern character, based upon the classic warhammer kit with a few additions. Not sure if he's survived a game yet (4 goes so far) but he has killed a Wraithknight and an Ork Warboss so I've no complaints.

Next up my Sorceror, basic FW kit with the spare axe-blade from the warhammer nurgle lord. Dynamic and obese at the same time- the model is a real favourite of mine.

Four squads of five plague marines- plenty of green-stuff,  weathering, typhus corrosion, a plethora of washes and  shiny varnish. Just the way I like to paint- forgiving of mistakes but with an atmospheric end product.

Mutilators! Ogryn bodies and centurion siege drills. First saw action last week and chewed up a Morkanaut before falling under a tide of killer kans. Again a pleasure to build and paint.

Obliterators- centurion bodies with landraider flamestorm guns and zombie heads. Whilst the mutilators look grim and determined, these guys are cursed living relics and look suitably rotten and squalid.

Sneak peaks of works in progress...
A forgefiend (have another like this half-built), a Heldrake and my counts-as Eversor, a hyper-infectious mutant. The latter fits the assassin's rule-set like a glove- he'll barrel in spewing bile and smashing heads before probably exploding. The 'come the apocalypse' rules may be detrimental but again are supported by the fluff- his own allies know well enough not to get too close to him! I've also got 4 rhinos, 3 vindicators and a bunch of cultists on the go. Plenty to keep me busy... Thanks Jamie for posting up my stuff!'

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