Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Waaaagh Da Orks. Finally assembly stage commences

Greetings chaps. I'm finding I have a lot of diversity to hobby time lately and can pretty much deal with hobby targets in any order I choose. Thus it is the other day that I got the urge to push forward with the final phase of assembling the Ork army. This army is a double edged sword really in that there are some lovely conversions in there but the lack of painted models is a real issue - it's mostly a sea of black basecoat. One day I will get around to adding the reams of paint needed to them, but for now assembling the last of the horde will have to suffice.

So, the idea with the entire army is that each clan has about 1000 points to it and I can effectively match up two or three clans to form an army including some/all the units. Evil Sunz and Deathskulls, however, were missing troops options and so I decided 2x 10 trukk boys and a mob of 20 Deathskull boys would be about right. I bought some cheap WFB orcs that could be converted up alongside some leftovers I had from the other clans. Alongside the WFB orcs I acquired a couple of old Gorkamorka trukks to convert into buggies. There were 3 killa kans left over from a Stormclaw set as well as 10 Nobs who would become Snakebite Nobs and leaders for the above Boys mobs. Lastly, the Goff Gorkanaut and scratchbuilt Bad Moons Morkanaut needing finishing.I tell a lie, lastly there is an old Ork Fighta-Bomma coming in the post to give the army some much needed airpower.

I'm about halfway to finishing them now and once done, hopefully before the end of the month, I can draw a big, fat line under the Orks for the foreseeable future. It's always a fun army to convert and I think it's a shame I don't paint or play with them very often and so I'm resolving to give one of the clans some love this year and also to try and play with them more often. Cheers.

The killa kans and some of the Boys finished. Note the Kustom mega blasta

Morkanaut with minimal modifications (scuse the tomb blades)

Scrathbuilt Naut still needs a leg and finishing off

Two old trukks mid conversion

Pile o boyz still needing sorting.

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