Monday, 25 May 2015

First Ad-mech models roll off the production line

The start of something potentially beautiful, my Ryza Admech have started to take shape. At the moment they only consist of a half dozen FW robots and a single box of Rangers/Vanguard (most of which are awaiting good weather and a can of black paint), but I have great plans for this amazing-looking army in future. Despite the beautiful Mars and Metalica schemes, I ultimately went with Ryza as I have no Orange armies and found the colour scheme rather striking. The initial expansion will be to add in some elements from the Cult Mechanicus, namely a Dominus and some Servitors, plus hopefully a couple more FW units. Of course they're awaiting (hopefully) the rumoured release of IA 14, which may well add in FW Admech to 40k. That and we need to get SM out of the way and have a pause for breath in the relentless 40k release schedule with some weeks of Fantasy alowing financial recuperation. Not that I'm complaining too much - the hectic release schedule has allowed me to step back, just focus on collecting the books and actually get some long-time hobby projects finished as I accepted that to keep up with the releases was impossible, both financially and time-wise. If I am able to stick to the plan of getting other projects finished and up to date this year (half my Space Marine armies still have no AA as they predate 6th!) as well as vaguely keeping up with releases, then I suspect the major winners this year will be Admech filling the rest of that void. Mainly depends what is released TBH, so here's hoping for a lot of Fantasy to pad things out a bit. Next year is the year of Chaos for me (and Sisters I pray) so I hope to get other projects finished up in time for that. Cheers.


  1. Hopefully you picked up the Ryza transfer sheet....Will make your life much easier...I am a hardcore mars man myself.

  2. Love me some ad mech! Great progress so far!

  3. Hi chaps, yep, Ryza sheet ordered - bound to make things easier in the long run.