Friday, 26 June 2015

Hobby pledges - the half year weigh-in.

Well folks, I seem to remember making some pledges to complete certain hobby projects about 10 weeks back. Now it seems the time has come to name and shame my shortcomings, but also to highlight the success stories. It's been a busy few months outside the hobby working on a new rotation in a very hectic Medical Admissions unit and getting my NHS Portfolio up to scratch to progress to the next year of my training (which I'm happy to say I did), but there's always time to squeeze in a bit of hobby somewhere. I can happily say that while I did indeed fall short on a few things I delivered on most and even threw in a few wildcards to boot. Here's a rundown:

The Good:

Got em done, and they worked out beautifully. Lots of fun conversions in there. Now just to add paint (!). Sadly, one project I really did want to get finished didn't and that's the custom Morkanaut, who will join the list for early next quarter.

Ok so I couldn't resist a little bit of Eldar love and so painted up the Wraithknight in base colours for a game and have started to basecoat some striking scorpion as well as adding the beautiful new Autarch model to my army and re-jigging my 3 Autarch models as a result.  

Heroes of Badab:
Objective very much secured. All these chaps got basecoated and have finished scenic bases in 32mm no less. Vehicles are aaaallmost there, won't take long to add the final layers to get them tabletop ready. But their tale doesn't end here - my plan for them is to have them fully painted by Christmas one squad at a time. First game coming up soon too with the new Codex.

Well I managed to get my small but lovable Admech force assembled and sprayed (they even got a Magos buddy) up so they're now well on the way to becoming a proper army. Really keen to expand upon them, just waiting for some time, money and an Imperial armour book!

I actually achieved more than I thought I would on these guys and have basecoated most of the models that were added save for a few. Between them and rebasing some older models onto 50mm there isn't really anything outstanding for this army at present which is great news.

Assembled and primed, the arch-traitor is sitting there on a shelf taunting me. He and the Avatar next to him are top priority painting projects for the next quarter.

Odds and ends:
Well the stormtrooper squad and Templar Honour Guard are still sat in a box but the Deredeo dreadnought for the smurfs and Captain/standard for the Imperial Fists got mostly assembled.

The Bad:

Well, safe to say I didn't even make a start on these chaps. It became clear halfway through something would have to give and they were it. I decided instead to push them to the top of the list for the next quarter instead.

Blood Angels:
Low on the priority list but I had hoped to start upgrading them to 32mm bases - a can of Mournfang brown spray has already done the hard work, but the main barrier at the moment is getting them all basecoated in a couple of layers of mephiston red before doing that. It'll take a while but will be worth it in the end.

The Unexpected:

The past 10 weeks have thrown up some interesting surprises which have thrown my schedule off from time to time. Execution force not only gave me some worthy additions to my Chaos horde (not long now my pretties) but 4 amazing new Assassin models. It also inspired me to finally finish my original assassins, who are almost there.

The new Marine Codex brought with it new purchases also which I've been integrating over the past few weeks. If you saw the picture I posted a few weeks back (below) then you'll know I have more than a few Marine armies. While I haven't drastically altered any of my armies despite many of them being incompatible with the new Gladius, I did adjust a few numbers here and there and added in two of the new devastator kits and an assault squad. Overall, most of the armies needed a little something doing to them, be it base-coating a few models or magnetising here and there and so while this process is well underway, I anticipate it going on into next quarter also. It's always good fun and rewarding to see things come to fruition so I look forward to it. Dark Angels will be getting a third tactical squad to bring them up to demi-company strength. Another sore point is trying to gradually update everyone to 32mm bases, meaning rebasing the power armour in many marine armies and getting edge expanders for those on scenic bases.

Well, with Fantasy right around the corner it will actually be quite nice to take a breather for a month or so and get on track with things. I'm pretty pleased with how I've done over the past 10 weeks as when time pressures from elsewhere squeeze your hobby time to lower priority I think it's important to set goals and targets to stop things from getting totally neglected. Plans for the rest of the year are, as well as keeping up with any exciting releases, to get those darn Necrons assembled and sprayed, give some love to my Luna Wolves and Imperial Guard (who will then effectively be the only 2 non-fully assembled armies) and start to build up a decent Mechanicus contingent. Great time to be in the hobby. That's all folks - I'm off for a much-needed 2 week holiday in the sun. Cheers.

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  1. That's a lot of work Jimbo! I especially love that morkanaut, but I'm biased :).