Thursday, 29 October 2015

scratchbuilt morkanaut FINALLY completed.

Hi folks. It seems like forever ago I started work on this chap. Idea was for him to be a morkanaut with the actual gw kit built as a gorkanaut. I started this one before I got the gw kit and then refined it later with parts from the actual kit. the Achilles heel of this project has been that I was never happy with the ideas I came up with for the legs. It's not until recently I acquired some stormraven spares that gave me what I needed to get the job done. Mostly built from stormraven, ork bomma, sm tank and an industrial kit. And here he is, slightly taller than his pal but sufficiently orky.


  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I love it! So awesome Jimbo!

    1. Ha ha, somehow I thought you may like him Gregg. Thinking of going with Mario and Luigi for names..

    2. Don't you mean wario and walugi? :)

    3. I keep finding more guns...just brilliant Jimbo! DED ARD!