Sunday, 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017 - and welcome 2018

Greetings folks. 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and the end of 2017 is nigh. Non-marine projects have been pretty low key this year as expected but there's still been some love for them. To recap, my grand plan is to finish my Marine armies to a stage I'm happy with (which I hope to achieve by June latest next year - see my other blog) and then move on to non-marine/non-chaos projects before selling my soul to chaos entirely. Here's the run down:

Talons - I built up a couple of boxes of Talons and had a great game with them a few weeks back (land raider is a beast) - they look awesome on the tabletop and are rock hard in combat. Hoping to get more games in next year. 

Harlequins - Finally assembled the death masque sets and had a bit of a painting disaster when my corax white spray peppered them all. A day of stripping paint solved it and then I got a game in against death guard. Wow, they're fast but flimsy. One of my favourite model ranges GW produce. 

Eldar - When the codex dropped I split my Alaitoc force up to give me a smaller Alaitoc army and the beginnings of 4 smaller forces each representing a main craftworld. I aim to bolster these over time. The new codex makes Eldar a lot of fun to play with and I've got a couple of games in with them so far. I finally reassembled my poor, broken Phantom and got him sprayed up. Now I need to find somewhere to store him!

Necrons - earlier in the year  I had a Necron hobby sesh and now there are just a few scarab bases and characters needing a spray left. 

Genecults - The army I've been working on most recently as between Overkill, a FB trade buy and a couple of the Xmas box sets I've got a decent sized army. Only a few infantry and vehicles left to assemble and I can start spraying them up. 

Scenery - the past week I have had a good go through, assemble and spray of all the scenery I have to make it more tabletop friendly. Still missing LOS blocking terrain sadly but next year I am aiming to add a realm of battle to my collection and now I have scenery to populate it with. It will get its own post in the near future.

Going forward into 2018 I hope to transition from marines to non-Chaos armies in the first half of the year. The two armies I want to address mainly are Guard and Admech, both of which I have sitting in boxes waiting for some love. Towards the end of the year I then want to start moving towards Chaos, starting with Death guard. Obviously GW will throw some interesting releases out there over the next year (Sisters please!) so that's sure to shake things up a bit. As well as  getting the rest of the codexes updated and focussing on secondary games like Necromunda and Titanicus, I'm really curious to see what the next year holds for GW releases. Predictions: Khorne marines, Sisters of Battle, Arbites, more Primaris, Slaanesh daemons. We shall see.
All the best folks.

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