Saturday, 31 March 2018

Adeptus Custodes are here!

Custodes today folks. I started out with a set from burning of Prospero and magnetised them to switch between options. The talons of the emperor boxed set seemed like such a good deal that I got a set except I sold on the static contemptor and got ahold of one of the snazzy fw ones to proxy, though now it seems you can use them anyway. A few more additions came along with advent of their glorious codex doubling the size of my force to what you now see. 

They’ve all been basecoated with the good spray except for the 5 original ones who were painted the same gold but then washed and highlighted. Originally I had intended on an industrial theme using sector mechanicus for the bases but now there are so many models of different base size in the army I decided to change themes and try something new in the form of a textured rolling pin of ancient ruins. I think it turned out pretty well - finished ones can be seen below. 

That’s the army for now. First few ventures with them have been fun and I hope to further expand them once the Forgeworld list becomes available. The new 30k shield captain and the hover tank are the items I’m eyeing up.  Cheers. 

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