Friday, 30 December 2011

Cron-versions! Destroyers and crypteks

Hi folks,

Thought I would post here before uploading these latest creations to my blog (links at bottom if interested). My plan for necrons when I decided to collect them was to use as little green rod as possible in order to have all the models be more uniform. Sadly, where some models had updated gauss weapons (immortals, annihilation barge) others were left with the green rods of old. I therefore decided that I would update my models to look like the newer incarnations. The immortal gauss tubes were too large/small for either the destroyers or warriors, thus I decided to acquire and greenstuff cast the ghost ark flayers for warriors and the annihilation barge gauss cannon for destroyers. Here is the result for the destroyer in the first pic below.

It worked pretty well in the end, but then I decided to take it a step further. Having never been a fan of the heavy gauss cannon model, but wanting to use them in game occasionally, I came up with a way to magnetise the annihilation barge gauss cannon (ABGC) as an extension to the regular one. I first removed the six pronged nozzle from the destroyer GC leaving the stub in place. I then cut the mount off the ABGC and drilled a hole the same size as the stub into it. I placed one disc magnet (with a smaller diameter than the stub) onto the stub, one onto the nozzle (to allow me to use it as a destroyer) and one inside the drilled hole. (to allow the heavy destoyer stock extension to be added) I'm really happy with the results which can be seen in the second pic below.

Now to crypteks. With the range of plastics available and a dislike for the monopose cryptek model, I decided to build my own. I made 4 in total, 2 armed with eldritch lances and solar pulses; 2 with the 'quake' staffs.

For the generic cryptek I used the imm/dm legs, spine and torso front, plus the rear torso and head from the deathmarks. The chin was the rear part of a particle caster from the triarch praetorian kit and a cast of the loinplate from the lychguard and triarch tail were also added.

The eldritch lance was a deathmark gun with the stock cut off and replaced with an orb from the top of a warscythe. The barrel was excised and a particle caster (with the part for the chin removed) put in its place. This allowed the lance to be wrist mounted. The solar pulse was simply a triarch voidblade with the sides cut off.

For the quake staff (name escapes me at present) I used the destroyer lord staff of light and, in place of the transparent green rods, used the offcuts from the deathmark gun barrels. the right arms were spare lord arms.

So that's my conversions for now. I will be converting more destroyers soon as I get some more green stuff - same goes for the warriors. Thanks for looking - comments/crits/questions welcomed. Cheers.

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