Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rise of the necron - the army of fluoro-chrome crons takes shape.

I've been meaning to post this for a while and so belatedly here is an article showing off the newest army to the collection.

For this army I wanted a very bold look, something that says we may be millions of years old but our technology is that advanced that we don’t appear to have aged a day. To this end I thought I would experiment with plastikote chrome spray paint to give the army a super-shiny look. It worked pretty well with the chrome covering the units nicely, if needing somewhat longer to dry between coats than regular spray (24hrs) I wanted the vehicles to remain black however and decided to further distinguish the nobility by spraying all command level units (HQ/most elites) gold rather than chrome.
There were a few other nuances I also wanted to add to the army. I decided to paint all of the sternum logos hawk turquoise with a gold symbol as I liked what GW had done with the turquoise effect on both tomb kings and necrons. I also wanted red, terminator-like eyes and so washed the recesses black before painting them red with a glow around the eye sockets. Note, it’s actually very hard to get black paint to stick to the chrome in order to wash the recesses so before painting en-masse I may apply a coat of varnish first. Lastly, I wanted to add in the glowing green effect traditionally borne by necrons. Dissatisfied with GW paints, I opted for vallejos fluorescent green and yellow which, after a snot green basecoat, made the details of the ribs, vertebrae and gauss weapons stand out fantastically. Also note that I paint gauss in green, tesla in blue and plan for particle weapons in red for a bit of variety,
As well as the paint schemes there were things about the modelling I wanted to change. Firstly, with the exception of the monolith I decided to use no green plastic rods in the army. For the warriors I bought some ghost ark flayers with the newer, circular design to the flayer-barrels and began casting them up to place in the warriors flayers. I also cast the gauss cannon tubes from the annihilation barge and added them to the destroyers gauss cannons. In addition, I converted crypteks, magnetised triarch praetorians/lychguard  and customised the lords to some extent. (see later) For basing I used the crystal bases form evil mushroom games which are a bargain at £3 for 10.
The overlord is the one from the annihilation barge and is magnetised on both feet so he can be removed from his base and placed on the barge and vice-versa. I have 3 lords to accompany him, two being the old lord models with the rod atop their warscythes destined to be replaced with the orbs from the newer plastic warscythes. A third lord not pictured is being converted using a spare destroyer lord body, plastic warscythe and immortal legs. The crypteks were custom built from both the immortal and lychguard kits.

The C’tan are nothing special, just the standard models which I ultimately hope to paint in a non-metallic style as it’s not something I have really experimented with before. I assembled the lychguard with shields and swords as I used the warscythes for the triarchs/conversions and figured it would be better to give them more survivability in combat over blatent offensive power. I used immortal arms for some of the poses and magnetised them at the waist so as to be interchangeable with triarch torsos. The triarchs (not pictured) are almost done as I had to cast the necks (no problem) and the torso fronts (big problem) from greenstuff. I’m nearly done with them although it has been problematic trying to marry up the plastic backs with the greenstuff fronts. I armed them with rods of covenant as they seem the best option. 

The warriors were simply chrome sprayed with the paint scheme mentioned above applied. I did buy a lot of models from my nephew which he has already painted in his own scheme. As well as practical issues with repainting, they are actually nicely painted and so I think I will let someone else buy them from me on ebay and replace them with the contents of a battleforce ultimately.

The destroyers were converted to have modern-necron gauss tubes and have also been magnetised to hold both a gauss cannon or an extended barrel custom heavy gauss cannon made from the annihilation barge cannon. I hope to rebase and repaint the scarabs at some point in the future , whereas the wraith will probably go on ebay with the warriors. I also used the deceivers base decoration as a nice objective marker.

For the annihilation barge I went with black with green in the recesses. I painted the tesla hawk turquoise and didn’t attach the crew so I could spray them chrome. There are magnets on the dais to attach the lord and the pulpit is easily clipped in place. The monolith was restored (no DOW pun intended) from an EBay purchase and I’m still not 100% sure where I want to go with it. It’s the only model in the army to retain the green rods as I didn’t see the point with replacing them with casts of the newer style. (for reasons mentioned above) With the paint scheme, I’m painting the same fluorescent green into the gaps between armour plates to make it look as if an internal energy source is ‘leaking’ through. I may paint the spires and/or lower corners with the same gold spray to symbolise it being the roaming fortress of the cron nobility and to mark it as more important than the other vehicles but we’ll see.

The army has already participated in a battle in which it drew. It should be relatively simple to get the army painted up to standard quickly, though I feel it could use a few other elements to make it work better. At some point a couple of battleforces to replace the other warriors, add some immortals and ghost arks and bolster the scarabs seems like a good idea so we’ll wait and see with that one. For now I have still a couple of triarch torsos to assemble, one more lord and a lot of gauss flayers to cast.

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