Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mantic corporation army box review

I couldn't resist picking up one of these beauties when I first saw the preview on Mantics website. They really reminded me a lot of the old style Imperial Guard of second edition, but in a good way.

I have a soft spot for the Necromundan Guard in their grey overalls and black flak jackets and these chaps reminded me a heck of lot more of them than the Cadian plastics did. So i grabbed a box as they're going for 25% off or more on many independent sites. Here's the good and the bad:


  • Cheaper than cadians
  • Scale looks better when compared to SMs 
  • Lasguns look better scaled to the models
  • Really easy to assemble with very little trimming
  • They come with rules included should you want to play Warpath

  • They really SMELL, badly. I had to put them back in the box they smelled that bad. Hopefully once sprayed that'll change.
  • There are no options, not even for a sergeant without power fist. 
  • Special weapons are a bit meh and heavy weapons much smaller than GW IG equivalents
  • The base molded to the feet needs trimming off if you are using scenic/GW bases, and you'll need a sharp knife!
  • The poses are more limited than the GW models but this isn't really a problem if you ask me.

So in conclusion I am happy with them and intend to use them as the core of an IG army one day. Here's a scale comparison pic to help others decide whether or not they like them better/worse/same as GW models. Cheers.


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