Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chaos approaches - thoughts and army ideas

It's been far too long since I graced my poor neglected second blog, mainly due to astartes projects taking precedent. I was hoping to get in some solid work on necrons and tyranids before Christmas, but I suspect realistically that Dark Angels and Chaos will dominate my painting and modelling schedule (as well as exams) for the rest of the year.

Chaos, both Space Marines and Daemons, are two armies of the three armies (Sisters being the third) that I have not invested in to date. With the advent of Dark Vengeance, both for the quality of the sculpts and the relative affordability of the models, that is about to change. To be honest I'm glad I held off as I've never been that sold on either model range, but in the past two years Daemons have come on in leaps and bounds, with more yet to come. With the CSM range hopefully about to undergo a revamp and take a new direction, now seems the perfect time to get involved.

My idea is to base the army on CSM with Daemon allies. Unusually for me, I intend to take this army at a slow pace and try to get units finished before expanding further. The idea is to tie all of this in with the progression of the armies background i.e. a new purchase would signify a new faction joining the warband. So far I have a daemon prince and the contents of 2 DV sets minus one hellbrute and with plans to convert the other kranon to a sorceror. Before this happens though I need some bits to break up the monotony of the repeat poses and for conversions and so am awaiting new releases to see what's on offer. Also, I need a colour scheme and so want to flick through the new codex first. I hoped to have a unit from each of the nine legions represented ultimately.

Planned purchases are a unit of plaguebearers and warp talons, with a dragon and defiler perhaps being on the card. All of this could change at a moments notice depending on the releases though so I have no solid plans as of yet - all I know is that I'm raring to go with converting and painting them so can't wait to be able to plan out things based on new kits. For now, here's the backstory to my Warband:

It was the year 6775.M40 and the once proud and feared Chaos warband of the Lord Terranix, Nemesis of Steygar, was all but extinct. A mere handful of warriors, their origins and legion long since forgotten, were all that remained aboard the battle barge ‘Scourge of Moldavia’. Countless defeats and losses at the hands of the thrice accursed lapdogs of the Corpse-God had left them on the brink of annihilation. Hiding in the depths of the Laurentian sector and without a navigator to lead them to the relative safety of the warp, Terranix began to accept his fate and that of his warriors. The chaos Gods no longer favoured them and their passing would be mourned by none.
Then, when all hope seemed lost, an unexpected arrival offered a new vestige of hope to Lord Terranix. A lone Chaos Sorceror of unknown origins arrived in a small vessel seeking an audience with the Lord. At first hesitant, Terranix nonetheless invited this stranger aboard ‘The Scourge’. He introduced himself as Tumikupah, humble servant of chaos undivided, and swore his allegiance to Terranix and the great harvest they were to embark upon. Confused and suspicious, Terranix sought more from the Sorceror, lest he sacrifice what little he had left.
Tumikupah went on to detail his pacts with various agents of Chaos who served no master; Bubonis, former herald of Nurgle, and Malifaux, outcast daemon prince of Tzeentch to name but a few. The agents of Chaos had forseen the harvest that Terranix would embark upon, summoning others to his cause and gathering momentum over years until finally he would bring about a dominion of chaos over the Laurentian sector. Terranix’s suspicions began to fade, replaced with his lust to regain his former glory. One last persuasion came from the Sorceror in the form of the Daemon blade ‘Razalghul’, which he gifted to Terranix as a sign of fealty from him and, of appreciation from the Dark powers. Terranix accepted, and swore to honour the pact and carry out the great harvest.   
Being granted safe warp passage by the agents of Chaos, ‘The Scourge’ has since raided several systems, drawing nought but the smallest of attention from the Imperium. But devastation is not their intention, at least not yet. Their real objective is to unify any and all elements devoted to chaos within the Laurentian sector; a band of renegade Space Marines here, a host of devout yet ultimately expendable cultists there. In time, and when his forces are once again strong enough, Terranix wil reign terror upon the Imperium and exact both vengeance for himself and malice for the agents of Chaos he serves. Even now they seek out the legendary Warpsmith Karakis and his diabolical creations to ally to their cause. In time, the Warband of the ‘Dark Harvest’ will be a grave threat to the Imperium indeed…….   

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