Saturday, 13 October 2012

Chaos dark vengeance chosen conversions

Hi folks,

Just a brief update as I've had hardly any hobby time for the past 2 weeks. I've started converting some spare chosen to incorporate into my chaos warband. The idea is to take 3 sets of chosen, 1 kranon and 1 plastic aspiring champion and turn them into the following:

- 10 man squad of chaos space marines, armed with bolters/BP/CCW
- 5 man squad of chosen, each armed with a different melee weapon.
- 5 man squad of havocs, each armed with special weapons except the champion.

The havoc squad would represent an alpha legion special ops team and could also run as chosen if need be. As they are alpha legion, I've tried to remove some of the warp taint from the armour to represent them having spent less time in the eye of terror. Below are photos of the 6 WIP  models (raptor parts also used) alongside the unconverted parent models.

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