Monday, 15 October 2012

Full eldar army shots

Here's something a little different. Normally I would post pics of either a WIP conversion, new paint scheme or fully painted models up close. I decided to do a head count on the Eldar army and thought while I was at it I'd get some full army shots. This army has been a labour of love as I sculpted all the bases myself and salvaged about half the army by paint stripping etc. When I last had a stab at it the army was almost fully assembled, with just a few stragglers such as jetbikes and the odd weapon mount needing magnets. The idea is that as soon as a new codex comes around (hopefully with new jetbikes and a flyer in tow) I can dust them off and get stuck straight into painting them. For now, I usually run them as a foot army when playing as power armour gets dull. Here's the pics:

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