Sunday, 18 November 2012

Events of late, first game with CSM and more chosen conversions

Hi all,

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. These past few weeks have been stressful to say the least with impending exams. Mostly though the stress has been associated with one of my dogs, Ruby (pictured), developing a neurological syndrome. It was looking pretty bad for her a few weeks ago but thanks to some very good experts and drug treatments she’s almost on the mend. A sad complication of the whole affair is that the seizures she suffered resulted in a dislocated knee. She is therefore in for surgery tomorrow. The bills have been mounting up for this one and at one point it looked as if I may have to part with some of the 40K collection. Hopefully things are on track now and the debt is being managed so long as nothing else goes wrong. 

In other news, I have just about finished assembling my Chaos army. I’m really pleased with the overall look and theme of the army and have already gotten a game in with it against Alex (From the Fang). Now, my armies are almost always fluff / budget based rather than competitive, so I asked Alex to go easy on me. No surprise that I ended up facing a highly competitive Tau list with SW allies. Deployment was also against me as it was short table edges (hammer and anvil) meaning my footsloggers would have to go a long way. Suffice to say that the game was over by turn 4 and I didn’t get to play with many of the new chaos toys. Abysmal luck (missing with every shot on the Forgefiends hades autocannons for example) and great play by Alex didn’t help either. Still, I’m not daunted and have made a couple of revisions to the list for our rematch where I will face Alex’s fledgling Angels of Redemption.

As for the army itself, Here are a few pics showing progress on painting and modelling. I had to add Festus to the army as a Herald leading the Plaguebearers as it’s such a great model. The 10 converted chosen who are my CSM squad are all unique and look great even unpainted. I’m focussing on painting up the small squad of Alpha legion Havocs at the moment. I really like the theme and colour scheme for these chaps and painting scales is quite fun too. Seeing an amazing paint scheme for a Heldrake on BnC the other week made me set on the scheme for my Dark Mechanicus chaps, though I had to modify it somewhat as the advanced airbrush techniques were above and beyond me. So far so good and it’s great to have another army fully assembled and ready to paint and play with.       



  1. Sorry to hear about Ruby. Your Chaos guys are coming along nicely, its too bad about the game, but sometimes it goes that way.

  2. Thanks Kevin, she's on the road to recovery now. Am having a rematch next Wednesday so will see how it goes - hopefully a few unit changes and better luck should make for a more enjoyable match up.

  3. I do feel a little guilty about fielding that dirty Tau/SW list. Suffice to say my DA list is a lot more prone to problems provided you can kill terminators!

  4. Nah, don't feel guilty pal, you build competitive lists and I build fluffy ones hence why I usually underperform. The dice rolling for that forgefiend was a sick joke though. I'm bringing some plasma and AP2 with me already anyway so hopefully should be a bit more evenly matched than last time round. I'd best make the most of it before DAs get the Ward treatment in January.

    I was thinking pal, we should make a joint SM army - the 'Wardens of Tiamat' - black and white colour scheme, waistcoats and hats optional!

  5. Those conversions look awesome, keep up the good work! I hope your dog is doing better