Saturday, 24 November 2012

Necron conversion corner - better warrior poses, scarab swarms and immortal weapon swaps.

Hi folks,
Due to recent events the hobby side of things has lacked focus and tended to be a case of paint or stick together whatever I felt like in the spare half hour. In terms of things non-space marine that has tended to be necrons. The crons are an army that I have everything I want for but still had about 30 models and various scarab bases to assemble. Here’s how I’m tackling assembling things – as usual I’m not making it easy for myself:

There are four things I am trying to do to add more flavour to the warriors. First two are generic to the army on the whole and are the use of chrome/fluroescent paint and resin bases. Thirdly, I have repositioned some of the legs so that not all the warriors are squatting down. This is relatively easy and just involves some careful cutting around each joint and using a small ball of greenstuff to replace the hip joint. Lastly I have cast the newer gauss flayers from the ghost ark and am incorporating them into the warriors to make the army more uniform.

These little guys look far better IMO when they are absolutely crammed onto the bases. Sadly this would work out rather expensive to then field them in any significant amount and so green stuff comes to our aid. I simply made a cast of the scarab using a product a friend gave me (hence don’t know the name) which is soft when warmed to about 100 degree in boiled water and then rapidly sets upon cooling. Then, remove the scarab, stuff some green stuff into the mold and once the GS sets you have yourself a new scarab. I’m also playing with some smaller casts of the microscarabs from the inside of the tomb spyder to add some more variety. Pics below:

The immortals come with two weapon options and I couldn’t decide which of the two would be for the best. So, rather than magnetising them (ran out of magnets) I simply drilled some small holes in the connection points for both the weapon cables and the left wrist. Thus, you are left with a one armed warrior with backpack trailing and most of his left arm attached to the body (Note that I didn’t glue this in place til I was sure it was in the correct position to hold the gun). This was also done on the corresponding two points on each weapon choice. I then inserted a pin into each of the two holes on the body, leaving about 2mm protruding from each to plug into the gun. Although in some of them the cables don’t quite line up 100%, I’ve found this to be a quick and cheap way to allow weapon swap outs for immortals. The gun is stable when in place and so there’s no need to even attach/pin/magnetise the right shoulder – it just sits in the joint. Highly recommended to anyone who fancies being able to swap out their immortal’s weaponry.


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