Sunday, 2 December 2012

Necron Progress coming along slowly

The crons got a bit of love these past few weeks. I converted and assembled a few as seen in the previous post and got them sprayed up in all their glory. The crons are now mostly assembled save for some 12 warriors and casting some more scarab swarms. I look forward to getting in a game with them over Christmas to try out new units such as obyron, the night scythe and immortals. They do look very striking with the metallic paintjob and contrasting fluorescent colours and are fun yet simple to paint. Hopefully between now and the Dark Angel release I’ll get the chance to trim and assemble those last few warriors and spray them and the last resin bases up. That should leave just the casting of the new-style gauss tubes and some scarabs to do (as well as the details such as red eyes and fluorescent green energy parts) later, but as far as tabletop goes they’ll be done.  

I've started with the details on the scythe, spyder and lychguard and the ghost ark has its chrome passengers still to glue in place. The wraiths need their bases attending to as does the scythe.

Crypteks and lords at the front with warriors behind them. I actually have a lot more models chrome/gold sprayed than I do prepped bases at the moment which means I'll be in need of a larger shelf pretty soon!

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