Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cheap, quick and easy Tau scenery part 3: Quad gun

With the release of the new Tau book and our upcoming campaign, I got the old brain thinking as to how I could make some cheap and Tau-like scenery for our games. I wanted it to be interactive scenery (i.e. fortifications) and so used the imperial bastions and aegis lines as inspiration. Please note, for one bastion and 2 aegis lines with quad guns I estimate this to have cost no more than £10, so if you have some time and want some scenery, this is a great, cheap way to do it! Please use appropriate safety equipment and be careful with sharps if you plan to follow this guide.

Part three – quad gun

A quad gun doesn’t sound very Tau like; I prefer ‘long-range high yield missile pods with velocity trackers and early warning overrides’, so essentially the same thing. I’m also considering making some TL heavy rail rifles from new broadside bits to be an alternative weapon. Also, these would be great roof mounts for the bastion/bunker from part 1. Here’s what I used to make them:

·         A small, round food tub, similarly styled to the one used for the bastion. (also whitefurze)
·         Hacksaw
·         Superglue
·         Suitable missile parts – I used two spare deathwind missile launchers and some tau battlesuit support systems, but anything goes really. (even use some actual broadside high-yield missile arms)

Here’s a very quick guide on how to put them together:
  1. Cut the bottom off the tub with the hacksaw if needed. (or just use the lid if suitable as I have)
  2. Assemble your missile pod appropriately depending on what you use and attach to the roof of the pod. I trimmed the sharp points off the missiles and used battlesuit support systems from the broadside kit to make the launcher more Tau-like and give it a pivot point.
  3. Spray and paint. 

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  1. Dunno if you've used a different tub from the first but have to say I prefer the look of this one. The grooves round the sides are more Tau-ey somehow.