Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tau scenery painting update

With all the blog wars prep I'm doing the Tau scenery has stalled somewhat. This is a shame as it all happened very quickly to start with and I had hoped to get at least one quad gun, bastion and aegis line done by now. As it's ended up I have the bastion (minus guns) and quad gun well on the way to being painted, with one aegis panel (of 12) finished and the others ready for spraying. If I get a chance and am ahead with BW painting I will hopefully have a day of just going for it. Eldar are not far away though and so I fear if I don't make some progress before then it will end up being yet another half finished project in the cupboard. Here are some pics of where things are for now. I went with crazy camo and an energy field around the structures to make them more interesting.

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