Saturday, 11 May 2013

Eldar Jetbike salvage project

Hi folks,

Very quick post just to show a little side project I had earlier today - these little side projects are a blessing and a curse. I was looking through my Eldar in preparation for next months release and found a few neglected seconds in there. Basically there are 3 jetbikes and a Vyper, which were part of an ebay lot. 

The main problems with these guys are the paint and a few missing limbs. I've never been a huge fan of the jetbike riders but the bikes themselves are OK. To start with I chopped off the heads and replaced them with some spare guardian ones. I toyed with the idea of replacing the torsos also but thought I'd keep the jackets for now. I then replaced the missing limbs with a couple of spare dire avenger ones. The flagpoles were replaced with spare guardian backpack fins and some dire avenger targetters added to the top of the canopy, in a similar fashion to the DE ones. 

The Vyper needed cleaning up a lot more but even several coats of paint stripper didn't take it back to plastic. I replaced the arm with a forceshield arm waving the host onward but may replace it with a different one should the newer kits provide spare arms. The main problem with the paint on all of them is the texture rather than thickness, but I'm hoping a bit of filing on the worst bits and the mottled Alaitoc paint scheme will ultimately disguise it. I may swap out one of the twin catapults for a falcon shuricannon, but will wait and see what the new codex provides first.

Ultimately happy with how they turned out considering what they looked like initially, but ultimately the paintjob will be be the test of whether they are still salvagable or not. Cheers. 


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