Monday, 13 May 2013

More Eldar ramblings - this time the force organisation chart

Greetings folks.

All the Eldar chatter has again had me thinking about what we may be getting in a few weeks time, this time in terms of FOC slots. I’ve assembled the following ideas based on the proviso that these are the new models we will be getting and also a few caveats:

New farseer
Iyanden spiritseer
Alaitoc ranger (squad upgrade?)
Dual flyer (Hemlock/Nightshade)
Normal/CC wraithguard
New jetbike kit (triple build)

Caveat 1: All 5 main Eldar Craftworld themes will be inherently buildable without the need for SCs. (i.e. 1 troops choice for each)
Caveat 2: The firestorm will make an appearance – this is probably unlikely (I had originally hoped for a retooled falcon dual kit) but here’s hoping it gets the FW hydra treatment.

Irianna (new - no units need test for wraithsight?)
Phoenix lords (paths allow that aspect to be taken as compulsory troops?)
Autarch (paths allow that aspect to be taken as compulsory troops?)

Guardians / storm guardians (ulthwe)
Rangers / pathfinders (Alaitoc) + upgrade ranger character?
Wraithguard / CC wraithguard (Iyanden) – can add spiritseer to cancel wraithsight
Guardian Jetbikes (Saim-Hann)
Dire Avengers (Biel-Tan)

Dedicated Transports
Wave serpent

Howling banshees
Fire dragons
Striking scorpions

Fast Attack
Shining spears
Warp spiders
Swooping hawks
War walkers
Hemlock (new fighter)

Heavy support
Dark reapers
Fire prism
Night spinner
Support platforms
Nightshade (new bomber)
Wraithknight (new large wraith construct)

That’s my initial impression and a lot of it will depend on how accurate the rumours (such as paths granting aspects as troops) turn out to be. Obviously all speculation at this point, but overall looks pretty balanced on the surface and I wouldn’t be surprised to see something not far off this.

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