Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Eldar jetbikes - the ultimate multi-part kit - a feasibility study

Hi folks,

Continuing on with what will likely be my last bit of random Eldar speculation before we get some solid facts is this little feasibility study into what an Eldar Jetbike box will contain. Firstly, some facts:

1. Eldar jetbike prototype seen years ago may or may not be the real thing but does bear uncanny lineage resemblance to Dark Eldar Reavers. Compare:

2. A Dark Eldar box costs £24 currently (as do 3 eldar jetbikes seperately) and contains 68 parts - 
look for a similar part number and a price rise. 

3. Several current jetbike-based kits currently are metal/FC hybrids (shining spears, autarch) or have no available model (farseer/warlock, shuricannon) and so this is an ideal time to address this. 

My proposed kit is as follows. A kit that sacrifices some of the variability of the DE bikes (alternate blades, canopies) for variability in the riders. It essentially kills all birds with one stone and allows you to build the following models from one, 3-jetbike box:

3 guardian jetbikes, one option for shuricannon
3 shining spears, one option for exarch with 3 weapons options. one option for shuricannon
1 model may be autarch, using SS exarch torso, SS laser lance and appropriate head (from this kit or Autarch FC kit)
1 model may be farseer/warlock, with robed runic armour torso, spear/blade options and a head for each. (this way, you can build a seer council and other jetbike units from multiple boxes)

Several people have said there's no way this will happen due to the amount of parts you would need. I have tallied up and compared the contents of the two kits (existing DE and similar Eldar with options mentioned above) and guess what, both have exactly 68 parts. Now some may be larger that others in both kits, but essentially the eldar have more weapons and a couple more heads, where the DE have different accessories and variant parts to balance the numbers. Here's the breakdown:

So, not so unfeasible after all. I have high hopes that the actual kit will be somewhere along the lines of this - what an amazing kit (and huge seller) it would be while minimising shelf space and removing FC products from the range. As leaks come out end of next week we will get a better idea so here's hoping. Cheers.

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