Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eldar jetbike salvage - epilogue

Just as a follow up to the eldar jetbike salvage post from last week, I thought I would show the painted results of one of them. I'm happy in so much as the rough texture left by the previous paintjob is all but disguised. It's not as bright as I would have hoped for and so I'll revisit the scheme at some point and maybe add a little something else to it - maybe some brighter blues and a brown jacket rather than black for contrast. Also, an Alaitoc transfer along the front of the jetbike. Cheers.


  1. Did you do a sponge paint on that to achieve that effect?

  2. No pal, though that is a good idea. I got an old, knackered brush and trimmed the bristles down so they were a bit splayed but short enough to stipple with. Paint was applied by brushing some of it off on a tissue (like with drybrushing) before stippling randomly. I started with necron abyss and worked my way lighter with 5 shades of blue total. Cheers