Sunday, 19 May 2013

Eldar pictures are here - Wraithknight, flyer and codex cover!

After months of waiting the leaked pics are finally here. This is simply the first of the leaks which I imagine will roll in every day for the next few days. Credit to 3++ is the new black for the images. Four items of interest as follows:

For any criticisms I may have of GW policy and products, there is no denying that the covers of the new books have all been stunning. This is but the latest and I have to say my favourite so far.


This thing is HUUGGGGE! It looks to stand at least 8" tall and frankly is probably more at home in an
apocalypse game than 40K. I like the throwbacks to the exodite knights of old, though it is clearly meant to be a craftworld version rather than retconning the exodite fluff. For me, the price will be the main clincher on this model and despite its slender proportions, I think it may well come in at above the price of a riptide.

Now it's unclear to me in this pic whether or not there is more to the nose or not but from this angle the flyer looks a bit stubby. By this I mean that the wingspan seems to greatly exceed the length of the craft. It's far too early to pass judgement (although the nightwing fan in me wants to) and so I will simply add that it is probably gorgeous in the plastic and a great counterpart to it's darker cousin. (probably twice the price as well!)


Nobody seemed to have any heads up on this one but it does indeed appear that GW have launched a variant army list for a specific sub-faction. No clues as to whether it is digital only as of yet but the cover does resemble the death from the skies one. My impression is this is a great move from GW as it allows die-hard fans to finally get a specific codex for their army even if it means spending a little more (though whether it is a stand-alone or C:E supplement remains to be seen). Also it allows GW to line it's coffers a bit more. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come for the SM codex.

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