Monday, 27 May 2013

Eldar release impressions and project update.

Hi folks.

This is a bit of a mix and match post covering several things so please bear with me. Firstly an update on the Eldar jetbike salvage previously blogged here and here. I went back and changed one of the jetbikes using an old (and knackered) shuriken cannon once it became clear we weren't getting any new jetbikes with the release. The results and the initial basecoating can be seen below. Really pleased with how these guys turned out considering they were simply extras in an ebay auction from ages ago and I never had any intention of using them. Now they've turned out to be neat little conversions which make up for the lack of new jetbike models.

As well as continuing with the Eldar jetbike painting and painting my Marines for Blog wars 5, I am also making slow progress with a neat bit of scenery which can be seen here. It's my aim to have all 3 of these projects wrapped up over the next month so I can take the army to blog wars complete and then have a month or two off of marines, focussing more on Eldar before the rumoured marine codex hits in September time. 

Back on the subject of Eldar, anyone who hasn't been offworld for the past month will be aware that next Saturday is release weekend. I have the codex, cards, Illic Nightspear (I play Alaitoc after all) and a spiritseer on order, though for financial reasons and to get the Marines painted up with less distractions I will not be getting anything else just yet. I posted speculative posts on both the releases, jetbikes and FOC earlier on. I thought it would be good to revisit those posts and see what came true and what didn't.


I initially posted this list of releases and have added my comments in colour:

Codex: Eldar book (correct)
Eldar psychic power deck (correct)
Flyer dual build kit (correct)
Wraithknight (large kit rumoured) (correct)
Falcon/Firestorm (dual kit redo of falcon including AA option) (wrong - was a longshot anyway)
Jetbikes (3-pack like DE - options for shining spears remain as FC upgrade) (against all sense, wrong)
Wraithguard (5-pack with CC variant) (correct)
Battleforce - repackaged same as most other releases with different contents) (correct)
Autarch (plastic blister pack) (wrong, a farseer was a much better bet due to less options. No female though)
New phoenix lord (finecast) (wrong, ended up being spiritseer)
New special character (finecast) (correct, in the form of Illic nightspear)

So the recent rumours were mostly true and some of the other things didn't quite happen. The farseer was a massive missed opportunity to get sales if only they had made the sculpt female and helmetless. As the actual one is so similar to the existing FC ones, I am confounded as to why they didn't do this, especially as they mostly portray farseers as female in video games. Jetbikes again is confounding as they are much needed, not just due to the age of the sculpts but also as they have several FC upgrade packs needed to make them work and, though whether it remains an option is still unclear, no seer council. 

The FOC remains to be seen but I imagine it will be much the same, just with a nightspinner and wraithknight in heavy, two flyers in fast, wraithblades in elite and the two new FC characters in HQ. Double FOC gets around the crowding quite nicely however so I can't see it being as much of a problem as it once was. For the next 5 days I shall remain optimistic that this will be a great codex and that Phil Kelly had once again done the pointies proud.

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