Saturday, 1 June 2013

Eldar release day mania - new things and projects

Hi gang.

Eldar are here! Alex (From the Fang) and I turned up at wargames emporium (FLGS) to a small queue of people this morning waiting for their Eldar fix. There was a veritable horde of Eldar stuff there (See Alex's pic below) and the temptation to go mad and buy lot of stuff was almost too strong. However, current painting schedules for Blog wars 5 and money meant that I stayed resolute and stuck to my preorder of the book, cards and two new finecast models. Speaking of which, I was very lucky to have pre-ordered and turned up early as I got the only Finecast that WGE was allocated - nice one Games Workshop (doh!). Here's some pics of my Eldar projects which I can't wait to get fully stuck into in 3 weeks time once BW5 has passed (and hopefully one of each of the new sets is purchased)

Spiritseer on greenstuff craftworld base to fit the rest of my army. Really nice model despite my first impressions being that it was average. The 'rock on' pose is a bit iffy and the staff took ages to trim (not as bad as a dark apostle) but other than that he's great.
The star of the show. I collect Alaitoc Eldar and as soon as I heard about a ranger special character knew I had to own one. When I saw the model I was blown away and in the flesh (FC) he doesn't disappoint. A fantastic model, probably the best I've bought in ages.

I've just started to paint up this wave serpent having done the hull with a flecked appearance some time back. I went with pink detailing as it contrasts nicely and I hardly ever use my pink paints for other things. The effect on the serpent field antennae is really nice and so I'm just gradually wading through the details on the model.

Close up showing some of the detail on the antennae.

I grabbed a selection of my aspect warriors which I'm painting to high standard to use as a showcase on the blog end of this month. They are all tabletop already and so just need those lovely eldar details finishing off. Note the painted craftworld bases, again made with greenstuff. 

Here are the jetbikes which have been featuring on the blog a lot of late. Obviously there is one more now who I salvaged from WGE - £5 for him and 10 armless guardians (more on them later) seemed a good deal. Not so obvious is that I've changed the right arm on the shuricannon chappy to hold a pistol.

I've started to place my 10 wraithguard on 40mm bases to bring them up to date. (the old bases were donated to the armless guardians) I'm toying with the idea of chopping the end off the gun on 5 of them and magnetising the ends of the plastic d-scythes and wraithcannons when I get a set so these old metal ones can easily swap between them. The guns on the new ones aren't that disimilar up until the end of the barrel so I think I could get away with it.

Lastly the salvaged guardians and repaired ex-wraithguard bases. I had some cash in my paypal account and couldn't resist upgrading these guys to be storm guardians. I had to cast a couple of topknots and raid the bits box but managed to build a squad of 10 with 2 flamers and 2 power swords. 3 of the models were not typical guardians - one was a snap fit model (foreground right converted to hold flamer) and two were weapon platform crew with arms. I converted one to hold a meltagun (which now looks like a flamer thanks to the hose - foreground left) and another just gave dire avenger arms to (and used his waving hand to replace the shimmershield arm on a Vyper - job done!)

Some really good fun been had with these and more to come as soon as I've got the BW5 models painted and done. I aim to magnetise all 3 of the new eldar kits when I get them towards the end of the month and so will most likely post tutorials and project logs for them and those featured here also. Now off to read the codex - it's a great book - well done PK!


  1. I think the pink details fall into the same category as the aquarium plants on your white scars in that I'm not sold....

  2. You'll grow to love them. I did play around with a couple of schemes for the serpent but nothing seemed right. Light blue didn't really contrast with all the blue on the hull and orange/yellow was too close to the underside yellow secondary colour. I didn't try purple or green as they're also too close on the colour wheel to the hull colour and so red/pink was the only choice left at that stage.