Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Building an Exodite army from the new Eldar Codex

Anyone else old enough to remember these?

Hi folks,

No, this is not another project of mine although it's defintely one I would love to do. Grazer mentioned that after winning the raffle for an Eldar Codex at BW5 he'd love to do an Exodite army. This got me to thinking how exactly you would go about building one, both in terms of what units you would use from the codex and how you would represent them on the battlefield. For those unfamiliar, Exodites are Eldar who fled before the fall and live in agricultural societies in the far reaches of the galaxy.


My understanding of Exodites is this. They have pretty much the same technology as CWE except they're a bit more backward. In terms of allegiances with the craftworlds, Biel-Tan often ally with them and Outcasts (mainly Alaitoc) often live amongst them. As an overall army theme then, this makes me think that a Biel-Tan list with a few supporting Exodite units is one option, the other being either a full on Exodite army or one with a few rangers thrown in for fun. As I play Alaitoc, I'll consider the latter. Also worth mentioning is that harlequins also frequent their worlds.

So we can use pretty much everything a regular army does, but they're less advanced in terms of tech. They have an infinity circuit (world spirit), worldsingers (bonesinger equivalents), dragon knights (more on them later) and Eldar Knights clans (again, more later). Also it should be noted that the artwork depicts many different types of dino-beasts, not just the velociraptor types. 

So, this army will require a lot of counts as units to pull off effectively. Here's how I would do it:

HQ - jetbike autarch (clan chief on dragon), spiritseer (worldsinger)
Troops - Alaitoc rangers, guardians, Guardian jetbikes (dragon riders)
Elite - Harlequins
Fast - Shining spears (dragon Knights)
Heavy - Wraithknights (counts as Eldar Knights)

Now this is a fairly conservative attempt at a list and there's much more room for expanding other units into this. Bear in mind, however, that these chaps don't follow the Eldar path and thus, unless you're doing some counts as or adding in say Biel-Tan elements, aspects are out


Fairly simplistic view of things is this. Dark Eldar cold one knights are relatively cheap at £20 for 5 - using them as a basis add lots of eldar and shining spear torsos and away you go. There's potential to use the lizardmen stegadon (or just cheap plastic dinosaurs) as something too, though exactly what I'm not sure. Problem is, a wraithlord is a good fit, but in my case I'd want to fill that heavy section with Eldar Knights. 

Speaking of which, this is the heavy support section: Eldar Knights, pretty well represented by the Wraithknight. I estimate you could convert one of each of the classic knight types from 4 wriathknights. Hideously expensive, but would be awesome and would also be 800-900 points. Not to mention extremely cool. I saw an excellent conversion from war walkers and a wraithlord into a bright stallion. To be honest, this is probably almost as expensive as a wraithknight and significantly smaller so I'd go wraithknight every time. A fairly simple conversion to  fire gale using the suncannon/shield config, an extra pair of arms added to make a towering destroyer in the twin wraithcannon config, and a second suncannon loadout for the bright stallion using the extra torso and legs. Expensive, but would look incredible!


Well, there it is. A bit of wanton speculation for fun. I hope we see some Exodite armies springing up (hopefully Grazers in person at an upcoming Blog wars) as it's a great bit of fluff that should be exploited by hobbyists. Cheers.


  1. Hi there!

    Just had a read through your post regarding the Exodites - it's very similar to how I would consider running them, albeit with a few differences. Firstly, I would love one or two Wraithknights (counting as Epic Knights) but funds just won't stretch that far! So I'm limited to what I have in the store-cupboard already, plus a few conversion parts that I will raid eBay for.

    My ideal Exodite army would feature Dragon-riding Knights (Guardian Jetbikes), a Farseer / Seer Council on Dragons (again, counting as Jetbikes) and then a number of larger dinosaurs on which I would mount Fire Prism, Viper and War Walker weapons systems. Also, as Wave Serpents seem to be very much the flavour-of-the-month, I would have to have a think about how to recreate those in an Exodite fashion; possibly as Skiffs or troop-carrying platforms on a large dinosaur or beast.

    Of course, Exodites have already been done, and one army in particular stands out. You'll find it here:


    It is an example to what can be achieved with a bit of time and a lot of imagination!

    Graham S (Grazer).

  2. Hi Graham,

    Cheers for the ideas and the link - that's an impressive army and quite different from what I would have pictured. I like the use of high elf dragon prince (?) helms but am not too keen on the knarlocs as they just make me think of Tau. Lots of smaller beasties and maybe flying ones too (Vypers?) sounds a better idea. Just saw that Lizardmen cold one cavalry is £20 for 8 rather than 5 with the dark elves, but the sculpts look older. Lots of food for thought. Good luck if you go ahead with it and please share pics. Cheers.