Monday, 24 June 2013

Eldar project commences - WIP wraithknight and flyer base

Hi guys,

With Blog Wars 5 now behind us the Eldar worship can begin in earnest. It also looks as if I can break the curse of only being able to attend the odd numbered Blog Wars and attend Blog wars 6 later this year. If I'm breaking one tradition I may as well break another and take a non-marine army, thus I'm playing with building a balanced Alaitoc themed list.

As for the hobbying itself, here are the projects I'm currently working on:

I am hoping to paint up one of each Aspect warrior in the coming weeks as a showcase as well as finishing off the crimson hunter and Farseer Elenwe.

I am greenstuffing some 40mm bases to rebase my metal wraithguard and also making a scenic base for the Crimson hunter and Wraithknight. The hunters bases has a webway gate instead of a flying stem and the wraithknight needs some debris to make the base less bland.

I'm nearly there with the wraithknight assembly and magnetising - basically all the weapon options are magnetised - no mean feat given the size of the parts. I am also magnetising the weapon options for the wraithblades and using the leftover shooting weapons to magnetise the tips of my metal wraithguard to swap out between d scythes and d cannons.

That's about it for now and should keep me more than busy for a few weeks while I dream up a list, at which point I can lay out the army and begin the painting process in earnest. Watch out for updates. Cheers.


  1. What have you used as the webway gate, is it scratch built?

  2. hi Stuart, please find more info at the following page:

  3. Nice work and thanks for the link and fast response, some very good foos for thought there