Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Female farseer Elenwe of Alaitoc update - face done

Hi folks,

Spent a few minutes on Elenwe yesterday after the Blood Angels were finished. So far her face is done and I'm happy with how she looks. A little pale perhaps but still decent. Got a new camera recently and so I took some up close shots. Hopefully this time next week I can really sink my teeth into the Eldar project so expect more updates then. Cheers.


  1. Do Eldar wear lipstick? Seriously though. Looks good but shouldn't you be painting Lysander?

  2. Absolutely they do! Funny you should mention it actually as it's the one thing I though about toning down as the picture of Elenwe has much paler lips. I wanted to accentuate the female looks and the lips are a good way to do it, though I may tone them down a shade. Yesterday was a Lysander off day. He shall get all due attention from now til the weekend though.