Friday, 14 June 2013

Alaitoc characters part three – female Autarch Keyleth conversion

Hi folks,

As promised here is the final part in the series. This part shows my Autarch Keyleth conversion, who for those of you not familiar with Dawn of War 2 is this delightful lady:

So she’s basically the swooping hawk wings Autarch, except the female version without the helm. I had a metal version of this model (which sadly the head is integrated into) and so that was the best starting point simply due to the fact that I’d still have to sculpt the straps and spirit stone on the chest regardless. I cut off the spirit stones and used greenstuff to sculpt the breasts. Once that was dry, I built up the spirit stone and straps as best I could.

The head was removed at the same time as the spirit stone and would ultimately be replaced with a dark eldar wych head. I removed any dark eldar paraphernalia and added more hair as well as sculpting back on the helm detail with greenstuff – I was going to cut it off the old metal helm but it was too much effort for too little gain in the end so I just sculpted it instead. 

In terms of armament, I didn’t want her to be armed with the PW/pistol combo as she would be much more effective just packing a fusion blaster. I also decided to use the power weapon arm despite probably not running one, as it would still look cool and can be either a CCW or one of the armoury swords. The wings are iconic for this character, though I magnetised them to be interchangeable with a warp jump generator which for the same points is possibly better. (and allow relentless for the reaper launcher – interesting)

Only things that I'm a little disappointed with are the sheer quantity of hair and how shiny things look in the photos. The shinyness is due to the vaseline used on the greenstuff for a smooth finish and the hair is mainly due to trying to use the dark eldar head as much as possible. Other than that I'm thrilled with how she turned out and once my Space marine painting endeavours are done and dusted I dare say she’ll be one of the first on the painting desk.

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