Thursday, 13 June 2013

Alaitoc characters part two – female Farseer Elenwe conversion

Hi Folks,

It's been a while since I've had a decent challenge in terms of converting a model. Magnetising between options is all good fun but requires more in the way of engineering than actual imagination. With the impending end of my Space Marine painting challenge for Blog Wars 5 and Eldar hopefully dominating my hobby schedule for the Farseerable future (see what I did there?), I looked for an Eldar conversion challenge. There was one which I has always wanted to tackle - converting a female farseer. I only have a Farseer with witchblade and so, using Farseer Elenwe (DoW2 retribution) as my muse, set to task. One plastic Farseer later and I set to actually putting together a brief for what I wanted to achieve. Here are some concept pics from google:

I wanted the farseer to be noticably female, in that although Eldar males are lithe compared to humans, there's a couple of glaringly obvious things that set male and apart. The curves of the hips are all but concealed by the robes solving that problem, but the flatness of the chest and concealed head bothered me and so both male chest and helmet had to go. The rune sculpted to the chest presented the most difficult challenge to me and so I had to make a choice: live with the flatness (DoW2 pictures show that the Eldar farseers aren't that well endowed, yet all the other female Eldar sculpts have noticably female upper torsos) or just go for it. I decided to go for it.

I cast the chest and then took a dark eldar female chest adding some green stuff to it before pressing it into the mold. Once I was happy with it, I left it to set. while it set, I cut the sleeve off the original chest and cut just above the sash to remove the upper chest all together. Once the cast was dry, I cut down the new chest and integrated it into the model, leaving a small gap below the rune and above the sash as Elenwe has some exposed midriff.

As for the head, I took a spare Dark Eldar head and used that as a starting point. This head had all the features I wanted - hair parting, topknot and neck brace, all of which, after a bit of trimming and greenstuff would look fairly similar to Elenwe. I also cut the rear crest off the farseer helm to add to the back of the DE head. Some hair and sculpting and replacing the topknot was all needed to make it look more like Elenwe. Finally, I trimmed down the forearms and wrapped some greenstuff around it, using some vaseline to give it a nice smooth finish like the forearm guards Elenwe has. Jewels were added using the some technique once the forearms were dry

A very brief splash of colour in Elenwe's DoW2 scheme just to make the model stand out a bit better.

Very pleased with how this turned out as I was disappointed with the lack of female farseer upon release. I hope to clean up a few areas of greenstuff before I finalise her but other than that she's done. I understand the popularity of them and so if anyone wants any more info please ask and I will be happy to assist. Next will be the final installment showing the other female conversion I've done. Cheers.  

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  1. Hi! Your conversion a Farseer is awesome!
    Please,tell me,from which set "Dark Eldar" you took head for a this Farseer?