Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Alaitoc characters part one – Starbane, Arhathain and Nightspear

Hi folks,

This is part one of a three part series dealing with both normal and special characters to represent specific Alaitoc characters in the background. While this part will deal with relatively straightforward conversions and renaming, the next two parts will be much more complex and will each focus on one character.

I decided to use my Eldrad model to represent Eldorath Starbane as he seems to be the head honcho of Alaitoc Psykers. He’s barely painted so far but here for completion.

Here is my basecoated Illic Nightspear who is obviously an Alaitoc character – the only one in the codex.

Lastly, an actual conversion in the form of Autarch Arhathain, who I use as a counts as Yriel. A fairly simple conversion using Dire avenger parts and an Autarch body, he does the trick. 

If I ever possess an Autarch on Jetbike I intend on using them to represent Elorique Swiftblade, another famed Autarch from Alaitoc.

That’s all for this instalment, which I’ll admit was far from exciting. The next couple should be good though, especially for Dawn of War 2 fans. Cheers.

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