Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Eldar Crimson Hunter WIP

Hi folks,

The results of a slighty less intense rotation at the moment are that not only am I meeting my Blog wars 5 targets, but also have managed to do a bit of other hobby stuff on the side. The Crimson hunter is coming along nicely at the moment. Hull is various shades of blue stippled on working up from darkest. I went with the generic Alaitoc scheme for the hunter as not only does it blend in better with the rest of the vehicles, it also allows me to build the wraithfighter. I intend to add crimson striped and aspect runes to the wings to distinguish it though. Once the dorsal surface is done, I will move onto the ventral and then the few magnetised parts for the wraithfighter. Hopefully more pics by the weekend. Enjoy.

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