Saturday, 13 July 2013

Blood brothers @ the outpost results

Greetings chaps,

Very quick post. I attended the blood brothers tournament at the outpost in Sheffield today. Hot as hell due to lack of air con, but the staff were more than gracious providing fans, ice lollies, free drinks etc so hats off to them.

My teammate Commissar Bob and I took Eldar/IG. We lost our first game to a nasty Eldar/Tau list which placed in the top 3 overall. Our second game was to a pair of young lads with Dark Angels/Orks, which we lost by a narrow margin. Lesson to be learned here, always question your opponents even in friendly games. We would have very likely won had we not taken them at their word that Ghazgkhull had a 3++, techmarines can repair multiple damages per turn and that Ork flyers were 11/11/11. I suspected all 3 were incorrect but gave them benefit of doubt first time round before checking. It wasn't intentional cheating but they were unfamiliar with yet convinced of the duff rules. Lesson learned. Third game we lost but had a great time playing two chaps with DE/IG.

So, 3 losses. On a brighter note, our friends Alex and Matt (From the fang) took first place and bloodiest general. Great list and vast experience set them in good stead for their second doubles win. More good news was that I got best painted awarded to me for my Eldar, in no small part due to the Crimson hunter base and farseer conversion. My third best painted and a good result after very narrowly missing out on best special character at blog wars 5. Off on hols soon so a 40k hiatus. Back soon though with more Eldar bits. For now here's the models that won me best painted. (serpents still need work)

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