Thursday, 11 July 2013

Eldar painting and exodite updates, plus the dangers of hobbying

Hi folks,

Those of a squeamish disposition look away now. I thought as well as my usual updates I would pass on a message on the dangers of hobbying. A slip of the knife while tired yesterday resulted in this little gem, which involved a trip to the local drop in centre and some dressing. The pain's not too bad but the inconvenience when trying to type up a report is a problem, what with two typing fingers being out of commision. Lesson learned - use the cutting board even for a small, quick bit of trimming. 

On a brighter note, the Eldar painting for battle brothers this Saturday approaches completion. The infantry are all done as is the crimson hunter. The wave serpents are well on their way and so I expect them finished on time. I'd like to revisit all these models in the future and add more gemstones, but for now there's no way I could fit it in and so nodules will have to do instead. On another note the exodites are coming along nicely. I found enough spare shuriken weapons in the bits box to fashion my own TL catapults which look much less bulky and much better than the tank ones. GW have sent me a replacement shining spear kit due to the missing part so I now have more bits than I need anyway. You'd think investing in a bit of quality control would be better for them as a company. Anyways, they won't be done for a while due to holiday but I'm really pleased with how they're shaping up. Cheers.

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