Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Death from the skies - Crimson Hunter finished

Hi chaps,

Next installment of the mega Eldar painting. This one had me up painting til late last night but am really happy she's finally done. The best part is all the Crimson hunter iconography is on the magnetised parts, so if I ever decide to use a wraithfighter then it should look unique. I went with the Alaitoc scheme for the Crimson Hunter so it would fit with the rest of the army. Also, I figured that the Hunters were the pilots not the craft and so they would simply adopt a Nightshade Interceptor from the fleet and add a few of their own markings rather than a full paintjob. Really happy with the base especially, but a bit disappointed with the decals - forgot to lahmium medium seal them before spraying on matte varnish and now the borders are quite noticeable. (Since these were taken I've rectified this with some careful painting) Anyways, this leaves the 2 serpents and Dire Avenger squad which I'm semi-confident I can get finished by Saturday. Enjoy.

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